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How to use Font Book on a Macintosh
Applies to: Macintosh
To install fonts on a Macintosh computer running OSX, you use the Font Book application. Please visit for an explanation of how Font Book works, and how you use it to manage your fonts.

How to use Border Fonts
Applies to: Minuteman Printshop, Wild West Press

Before you get started you should turn off Word"s AutoCorrect features to prevent them from applying undesired formatting.

1. Go to Tools > AutoCorrect Options > AutoFormat As You Type
2. Uncheck everything in the Apply as you type section.
3. Click OK.

Next you"ll create a text box to hold the border.

1. Choose Insert > Text Box from the menu and draw the box.
2. Adjust placement and size as needed.

Next, turn off the box"s default border
1. right-click the box
2. choose Format Text Box
3. click the Colors and Line tab
4. set the Color dropdown to No Line.

Now you"ll create the border or frame.

1. select your desired border font and size
2. look at the number pad on the right side of your keyboard (Use the row of numbers at the top if your keyboard doesn"t have a number pad)
3. the keys are arranged in a square with the 7 forming the top left, the 9 the top right, 8 is the top horizontal character, etc.
4. insert spaces to get the distance between the left and right edges of the frame
5. using this schema, type your frame.

You should get a frame similar to the one below. To illustrate, I"ve switched the font back to a normal text font, so you see the numbers I typed to get the frame. You will notice that you can"t type text in the frame without upsetting the frame edges. We"ll get around that in the next step.

Once the frame looks the way you like it, create a second text box on top of the first one. This text box will hold whatever content you want to put inside the frame. Adjust the size and position of the box and get rid of its border as you did with the first one. Now place your text and / or images into the box.

You"re done!

How to use Mortise images
Applies to: Minuteman Printshop:
Mortises were used to create embellished first characters or "Rubrics". Rather than create a new rubric for each character of the alphabet, printers employed mortizes, which were printing blocks featuring the embellishments and a cutout where an ordinary letter could be fitted.

This effect can be achieved using the mortise images supplied with the Minuteman Printshop.

The simplest method is to use Microsoft Paint(TM) or a similar bitmap-editing program to add a letter to a mortise image. Microsoft Paint(TM) is part of Microsoft Windows(TM).

2. Choose FILE > OPEN The mortise images should be located in the following folder: C:>Program Files>WaldenFont>MinutemanPrintshop>ClipArt>Mortises
3. Click the text tool (A). Click in the cutout area in the mortise.
4. Type the desired letter. Adjust Typeface and size as needed.
5. Use the small handles on the edges of the blue box surrounding the letter to adjust the size of the type area. It should fit in the cutout of the mortise.
6. Click FILE > SAVE AS and save your image. Be careful not to overwrite the original file.

You can now insert this image in your word processing software.

CorelDraw performing slowly after fonts are installed
Applies to: Windows
CorelDraw"s font rasterizer appears to not play nice with some of our more complex fonts. Please read this thread for additional information on the problem and possible workarounds: (note: this link to an external site is provided for your convenience only. It is not hosted by Walden Font Co. We are in no way responsible for its content.)

Where are my fonts?
Applies to: Windows
Q: I ran the installation file I downloaded, but all I see in my program group is the manual. A: The installation program places the fonts into your system"s fonts folder. To confirm, check the fonts folder by clicking START>SETTINGS> CONTROL PANEL>FONTS. The fonts should be available to your applications as soon as installation is finished. Some systems may require a restart. Open your favorite application and check the fonts menu. The fonts you just installed should be listed there.