Font Sets

The Kraftwerk Press

Twenty-five authentic, heavy-duty, industrial display, text, border, and symbol fonts.

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New Victorian Printshop Vol 1

Thirty-six splendid 19th century fonts: dis­play, text, script, symbol, and bor­ders. Also over 300 or­na­ments and il­lus­tra­tions.

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New Victorian Printshop Vol 2

The second vol­ume of­fers thirty-five Vic­torian dis­play, text, script, symbol, and bor­der fonts, and an­other 300+ images.

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New Victorian Printshop Vol 3

Thirty-eight more Vic­torian fonts and an­other 300+ im­ag­es make up the third vol­ume of the New Vic­tor­ian Print­shop

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American Poster Fonts Vol 1

Fonts for Victory! 32 au­then­tic 1940s fonts as seen in ma­ny World War II pos­ters. In­cludes “Dickie WF”, and a han­dy bul­let font.

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American Poster Fonts Vol 2

An­other batch of 30 World War II Am­er­ican pos­ter fonts, inc­luding our fa­vorites “Al­manzo WF” and “Zip­nut WF”.

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Wild West Press

Forty-seven bold and grungy Wild West ad­vert­ising fonts with 300+ clip-art im­ages, border and bul­let fonts.

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Civil War Press

Four­teen auth­entic Civil War Era fonts from rec­ruit­ment pos­ters and oth­er prin­ted mat­eri­al. Inc­ludes 70 im­ages.

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Minuteman Printshop

Eight­een or­igi­nal Rev­olut­ionary War era fonts plus 300+ clip-art im­ages. It’s all you need for auth­entic 18th cent­ury de­signs.

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Gutenberg Press

Eight­een his­toric Ger­man Frak­tur fonts, inc­luding Guten­berg’s orig­inal bible font. Great for hip cloth­ing de­signs!

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Divers Handes

Nine hand­writing fonts from the Mid­dle Ages, Ren­aiss­ance and bey­ond. In­cludes our pop­ular “Wil­liam Shakes­peare” and “Cop­per­plate 1672” fonts.

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Eleven biz­arre yet auth­entic cal­lig­ra­phy fonts, in­clu­ding cus­tom crea­tions by re­nowned Aus­tral­ian Calli­graph­er Mark Cal­der­wood.

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Single Fonts


An original design from a 1923 invitation; a light, angular Art-Deco font perfect for invitations. Includes many ornaments!

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Old State House

A his­toric 18th cent­ury font that inc­ludes the long “s” and other spec­ial char­act­ers. Also inc­ludes sig­nat­ures of many famous Am­eric­ans.

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Kurrent Kupferstich

A high-quality Old Ger­man Script font. Inc­ludes liga­tures and spe­cial char­act­ers. Ideal for learn­ing the old Ger­man Script, com­monly re­fer­red to as “Sütterlin”.

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New in our Customer Project Gallery

“Amaltea WF” makes its debut

Here’s our very own Am­altea WF from the New Vic­to­ri­an Print­shop! Court­esy of our friend Kath­leen Lynch, Black Kat Design

It’s 1940 again!

Our good friend Mitch Morris sent us this won­der­ful pos­ter, feat­ur­ing Fal­aise Script, Iva and Irby from the Am­eri­can Pos­ter Fonts of World War II set. I love this pos­ter.

Wild West Press Fonts at the Movies

It’s hap­pened again: “Cut and Shoot WF” from the Wild West Press is feat­ured on this Will Far­rell mo­vie pos­ter for “Casa de mi Padre”