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Welcome!We resurrect old typefaces of historical importance and make them available to you.Each font package includes typefaces unique to their period, plus printer's ornaments, borders, and symbols.It's everything you need to create period pieces for advertising, business use, book design, educational, and recreational purposes.You've seen our fonts featured in National Geographic Books, ESPN Magazine, book covers, in-store ads, concert posters and many other places.Browse our selection below and see for yourself why for over 10 years Walden Font Co. is the premier source for historical fonts!
32 authentic 1940s fonts as seen in period posters, including Dickie WF, plus a handy bullet font.
30 more 1940s American poster fonts. Volume 2 includes some of our favorites: Almanzo WF and Zipnut WF.
Buy both and save! This set contains both Volumes of American Poster Fonts for one low price. Be the first kid on your block to have all 62 fonts!
47 bold and grungy Wild West advertising fonts with 300+ clip-art images, border and bullet fonts, including the whimsical "Cattle Brands"
The Wild West Press is a set of fonts and clip art from the days of the american wild west, or frontier days as the pioneers would say. the fonts are accurate reproductions of old wood type that you might find on old playbills or wanted posters.
14 authentic Civil War Era fonts from recruitment posters and other printed material of the time. Includes 70 clip-art images.
The Civil War Press is a set of fonts and clip art that let you create authentic-looking documents from the period of the American Civil War.
18 original Revolutionary War era fonts plus 300+ clip-art images. It's all you need for authentic 18th century designs.
The Minuteman Printshop is a set of fonts and clip art from the colonial period of American history. It can be used for projects for the revolutionary war period, colonial times or any other 18th century type project.
9 handwriting fonts from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and beyond. Includes our popular "William Shakespeare" and "Copperplate 1672" fonts.
Divers Handes is a set of old or antique renaissance handwriting fonts. It includes fonts that resemble William Shakespeare's handwriting and many other interesting historical handwriting fonts.
18 historic German Fraktur fonts, including Gutenberg's original bible font. Great for hip clothing designs!
The Gutenberg Press is a set of fonts and clip art that contains famous German fraktur fonts. Fraktur is a German style of blackletter or gothic font type. The set includes Gutenberg's original typeface or font.
11 bizarre yet authentic calligraphy fonts, including custom creations by renowned Australian Calligrapher Mark Calderwood.
Magick is a set of strange witchcraft-type fonts. They are bizarre and unusual looking. Anybody interested in historical fonts or witchcraft or witches and wizards should look at these fonts.
A historic 18th century font that includes the long "s" and other special characters. Also includes signatures of many famous Americans.
Old State House is a font from the colonial or revolutionary war period of American history, also known as the war of Independence or the American Revolution. The font includes the long s.
A high-quality Old German Script font. Includes ligatures and special characters. Ideal for learning German Script.
Kurrent Kupferstich is an old German script font. Old German script is also known as Suetterlin or S�tterlin script or schrift. The font is great for those who wish to learn the old German script.
American Poster Fonts of World War II now available
World War II Propaganda Posters represent some of the most emotionally charged and wonderfully expressive artwork of the 20th century. We've spent considerable time and resources to get this right. There are 62 fonts in all, available either in two separate volumes, or all together. Please take the time to check them out!
Elmira WF at work
Joseph Francis at the Digital Artform blog worked up this poster, featuring Elmira WF from our American Poster Fonts set.
Cacao Tree Poster
Rae S. had this to say about the Wild West Press: "Your fonts are wonderful! Here's one of the posters I'm working on with your fonts."
"MADLIB" Album Cover Art
Today we got this email from Jeff:
Hello. I havent been to your site in quite a while, and this is the first time I've seen the section on the front page about where your fonts were used. I thought I'd let you know that I used Type No. 4 on two albums for Blue Note Records, Madlib's 'Shades Of Blue' and the various artists' companion piece 'Untinted'. The art director at Blue Note complimented this typeface when he noticed that it wasn't simple clean block letters. I do all of this artist Madlib's artwork (most of which is released on our own label Stones Throw) and I actually used Type No. 4 on several of his other records, as well as a whole bunch of the Type series on a reggae compilation/mix he did called 'Blunted In The Bomb Shelter'. [...] Keep up the great work!